Year 4 Production – A Hint of Snow White!

Before Half term, Year 4 performed their production, ‘A Hint of Snow White!’. Here’s what Class 4M had to say about the performance:

We all know the story of Snow White but this production script had a twist at every turn which made it so much more exciting. Some of the script and the actions in the songs were really funny and everyone had a speaking part. We really enjoyed learning it and we enjoyed being on the stage a lot. The songs were really catchy with fun rhythms which made them enjoyable to sing. A favourite song was Cleanie Jeanie because it was fast and full of actions.

There were 12 scenes and a favourite was the Castle Kitchen, Rub and Dub were messing around and they made everyone laugh. The characters were mostly in groups which helped us feel safe saying our lines. We enjoyed listening to and laughing at all the funny jokes. We loved all the humour especially when the terrible trio of Blobby, Pimple and Weird Wolf were lobbing wooden spoons at Snow White! It was funny when Blobby kept on cutting off Weird Wolf’s words – it made the audience laugh too. It was amusing when Pimple hit Blobby with the Juliet Rose although he thought it was the Flower of Forever. We soon found out that the Dream Team of 6 were actually the original 7 Dwarves.

We were all really happy and thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and performing. We all learnt something from doing the production – how to use lots of expressions in our voices, expressing our lines in different ways by understanding what the lines were about and then delivering them really clearly. We all played our own parts really well and enjoyed being the different characters in the production. No matter what part everybody had, we all made the most of our parts and said our lines really well. Everyone contributed to working hard to make the production as good as we could make it. Even when we were not performing at that exact moment, we listened to what was being said on the stage and we still found the jokes really funny even though we had heard them all before!