ASPIRE programme

Schools understand that high wellbeing means high attainment too. They can see they are linked.

anne longfield obe, children’s commissioner for england (2017)

In the Senior School our ASPIRE programme (Agency, Safety, Positivity, Inclusivity, Relationships and Economy) addresses the issues which young people face as they grow up in today’s world. It supports ‘The GHS 8’ (our school aims) and focuses on the happiness and wellbeing of all pupils. To ensure it is always targeted, ASPIRE constantly adapts to meet the changing needs of our pupils, reacting to social trends and equipping pupils with the skills they need now, and in the future, to make informed, safe and healthy choices.

GHS is one big community where everyone is supportive of each other. We really care about each other.

Year 8 pupil

Year 7 are taught positive life values and are taught how these shape character and influence well-being. Gratitude, respect, empathy, tolerance, courage and resilience are just some of the values that are understood in lessons and celebrated in the wider school community. Year 8 begin the year with a theatre trip to ‘Wicked’, which launches the theme of friendship and Year 9 learn the importance of self-esteem in making good choices, self-compassion and having a positive sense of self. Keeping safe, risk taking and reputation, money matters, female health, consent and the party scene are discussed as pupils move through school. Older pupils take part in a series of lessons preparing them for life after school, including budgeting, cooking, first aid, student loans and travel.