Pastoral ethos

Pastoral care is at the heart of Guildford High School and we were delighted to be awarded ‘Best School for Pastoral Care’ by The Week Magazine in 2018.

We devote energy and commitment to our pastoral care.

mRS CATHERINE GILMORe, Deputy Head pastoral

Great schools have outstanding pastoral care. Our pupils are free to be themselves and thrive in a supportive environment which nurtures their emotions and wellbeing. We are here to support pupils on their journey to grow and flourish.

To ensure they lead happy and fulfilling lives, we teach our pupils to be kind to themselves and others, reinforcing the importance of reaching out for help when needed.  

ASPIRE is our pastoral programme and we dedicate a lesson to this each week for every pupil. These lessons, along with assemblies and the curriculum, address the importance of our values: being brave, kind, curious, taking risks and the importance of being part of an inclusive community.

We create an atmosphere in the school of FUN, laughter, trust, freedom and security.

Mrs SAMANTHA BUXTON, Head of Year 7

We teach pupils to harness the power of collaboration as well as valuing what they individually and collectively bring to the school. We want every pupil to inspire and to be inspired.