New Facilities

We are thrilled to announce two exciting projects as part of an ongoing programme of investment in our facilities. Our school is constantly evolving, inside the classroom and out and we are continually striving to provide our students with the best environment for their growth and wellbeing. The start of the Michaelmas term saw the opening of our new, state of the art,  Performing Arts Centre.

We are also beginning a significant update to Morton House, our dedicated sixth form building. The new work will provide dynamic and fresh spaces designed to inspire students to do their best and strive for excellence. The ground floor renovations are complete and the sixth form students have already made themselves at home in the harmonious modern interior.

Sixth Form

Refurbishment of Morton House

Morton House is the home to our sixth form students. Whilst the historical Victorian building façade will be preserved, the internal layout of Morton House is undergoing complete renovation and will be remodelled into a light filled, sophisticated hub where students can elevate their learning and take the next steps on their academic journey. The phased renovation of this building will provide dynamic teaching and seminar spaces centred around a glass atrium and sizeable common room with contemporary interiors and state of the art technology. The first phase began in July 2023 with the ground floor and will see the reconstruction of the common room to include collaborative working zones and a well-being suite; a place for our sixth formers to work, connect and relax. This will be followed by further phases to update the first and second floors.

Performing Arts Centre

Following the success of the Recital Hall, the new building is now open and will be a centre of excellence for performing arts and music.

Consisting of dedicated drama teaching and rehearsal spaces, music classrooms, orchestra rehearsal space and practice rooms for individual peripatetic lessons, the facility will enrich our pupils’ learning and continue to provide teaching at the highest level.