Pastoral Care

Our Junior School is a happy community in which our girls have a strong sense of belonging. We were very proud to have received an award for ‘Best School for Pastoral Care’ from The Week magazine in 2018.

Our culture is one of laughter, learning and friendship.MRS KATY HUGHES, DEPUTY HEAD PASTORAL

In this caring and nurturing environment, girls build successful friendships and relationships with their peer groups and adults. Form teachers and teaching assistants in Pre-Prep (Reception – Year 2) play a key role in spending time with the girls, listening and responding to individual needs so that each pupil has the guidance and care she requires. Teachers ensure pupils feel secure, relaxed and nurtured at school.

Our pupils’ wellbeing is at the heart of all that we do here. Our Deputy Head, Mrs Katy Hughes, works closely with Mrs Catherine Gilmore (Deputy Head Pastoral, Senior School) to embed well-being into the fabric of our school and its curriculum.

Pastoral care is the number one priority. Kindness and consideration for others are genuinely apparent in the girls’ behaviour and talk.

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A whole school emphasis is placed on concepts such as resilience, determination and compassion and we tackle big subjects in an approachable and down to earth manner. This means that when girls leave the Junior School, they have a real understanding of the challenges which may face them as they grow up but they also have self awareness and strength of character to ask for help if it is needed.

Our annual Wellbeing Week is a highlight of the school calendar and it sets the tone for the huge number of engaging events which are provided for the girls throughout the year. Walks through Stoke Park, hot chocolate at break, yoga, silent discos, circus skills and plenty of ice cream were all part of the well-being calendar last year!