Beyond GHS

All GHS students have a wide array of talents and abilities and the guidance they are given when it comes to choosing their future paths is completely individual. Students are encouraged to think widely about their choices and all Sixth Form are advised by a relevant Head of Department and a UCAS mentor to guide them through the Higher Education application process.

Individual and specialist advice is provided to all students applying for Higher Education.  Specific programmes are also run for those applying for Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture and Art Foundation, and interview preparation and practice is arranged as relevant. Those students choosing to apply after their A Levels are also supported throughout the application process.

The GHS crest on your uniform says who you are and where you are from, but nowhere does it say who you will be and where you will go.

Dr Jane Boyd, Director of careers and higher education

We regularly hear from GHS Alumni and hugely value their input into our Higher Education and Careers programmes.