Academic ethos

Our pupils across the whole ability range prove to themselves time and again that there are no limits to what they can achieve. We are immensely proud of the academic achievements of every single one of our pupils. We recognise and celebrate the different strengths and interests of all our pupils and we do not compare them.

Our goal is to help all of our pupils to achieve their best and to fulfil their own personal potential.


We seek to instil in all our pupils intellectual curiosity and a love of learning. This starts with the outstanding teaching, guidance and support of our teaching staff, who pass on to pupils their passion for their subject and for learning for its own sake. The curriculum is broad and creative and lessons are not constrained by public examination specifications. Voluntary reading groups, visits, internal and external essay competitions, challenges, Olympiads and lectures by outside speakers are a regular and hugely popular feature of school life for all pupils.

By seizing opportunities to find their intellectual passions in a supportive, collaborative environment, our pupils acquire the confidence to take risks, to play with ideas and to let their voices be heard.Mr duncan peel, deputy head academic


Creativity and collaboration are skills that we feel are especially important for pupils to acquire, for now and for later life. The two skills go together: the more pupils collaborate, the higher the levels of creativity that emerge. Our pupils thrive on collaboration and it can be seen in every lesson and in the huge array of co-curricular projects and enterprises in which they participate.