School fees

Our school fees include the cost of textbooks and stationery but exclude school lunches, extra subjects and public examinations. Fees for the 2021-22 academic year are published below.

Standard Terms And Conditions


Reception and Year 1
Termly payment by direct debit£3,800
Termly payment by other method (monthly direct debit etc)£3,852
Year 2
Termly payment by direct debit£4,367
Termly payment by other method (monthly direct debit etc)£4,427
Year 3 - Year 6
Termly payment by direct debit£4,934
Termly payment by other method (monthly direct debit etc)£5,002
Year 7 - Sixth Form
Termly payment by direct debit£6,100
Termly payment by other method (monthly direct debit etc)£6,180


School lunches

Lunches are compulsory for all Junior School girls and the current charge is £259 paid termly by direct debit. Lunches are compulsory for Year 7 pupils and the current charge is £288 paid termly by direct debit. For those wishing to bring in their own lunch (Year 8-Sixth Form), there is a charge, which is currently £10 paid termly by direct debit.

Trips and visits

Trips and visits are charged separately. The majority of these are relatively low cost but there are also optional, higher-cost holidays and trips planned at various points throughout school.


The majority of extracurricular clubs and activities are provided at no extra cost, although pupils are required to bring their own materials for some clubs (i.e. cooking ingredients, materials for textiles etc). Some clubs, which are run by third parties or which take place off-site, do incur an additional cost.

Instrumental music lessons are available in school and are taught by our Visiting Music Teachers. These are at an additional cost and the current charge for individual instrumental lessons is £210 for 10 lessons of 30 minutes. Details about applying for instrumental lessons are provided when pupils join the school.

Alumni Community Membership

When the girls transition to or are joining the Senior School, a one off charge of £50 is added to cover life membership to our GHS Alumni community.


Fees Refund Scheme

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