Leavers’ Destinations

Although Sixth Form marks the end of school life, it is really a time of exciting new beginnings.

university offers

The below table will give you an overview of the universities our students moved on to in 2023.

Cardiff University (2)• Dentistry
• Medicine
Durham University (7)• Chemistry (Industrial)
• Finance
• Geography
• History x 2
• Modern Languages and Cultures (with Year Abroad)
• Theoretical Physics
Imperial College London (5)• Biochemistry
• Design Engineering x 2
• Earth and Planetary Science with a Year Abroad
• Mathematics and Computer Science
• Management and Modern Languages with a Year Abroad
King's College London, University of London• Management and Modern Languages with a Year Abroad
Lancaster University• Law (Placement Year)
London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London (4)• Economics
• History
• Philosophy, Politics and Economics x 2
Loughborough University (3)• Business Analytics (with placement year)
• Product Design Engineering (with placement year)
• Sport and Exercise Science (with placement year)
Royal College of Music• Music
Royal Holloway, University of London• Psychology
The University of Edinburgh (2)• Theology
• Veterinary Medicine
UCL (University College London) (7)• Architecture
• Biomedical Engineering
• Computer Science
• Economics
• English
• French and Spanish
• Medicine (6 years)
University of Bath (4)• Architecture with professional placement
• Business with work placement
• Economics with professional placement or study abroad
• Mechanical Engineering with professional placement
University of Birmingham (5)• Chemical Engineering (Industrial Experience)
• Chemical Engineering with Industrial Study
• Medicine x 2
• Politics and Philosophy with Year Abroad
University of Bristol (6)• Biomedical Sciences
• Chemistry with Study Abroad in a Modern Language
• Economics and Finance
• Geography with Study Abroad
• Mathematics
• Psychology
University of British Columbia, Vancouver• Biomedical Engineering
University of Cambridge (10)• Classics x 2
• Engineering
• English
• History and Politics
• Mathematics
• Medicine x 2
• Modern and Medieval Languages
• Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion
University of Exeter (7)• Geography
• History
• Law
• Liberal Arts
• Medicine x 3
• Natural Sciences
University of Leeds (3) • Biological Sciences (Biotechnology with Enterprise)
• Biomedical Sciences
• Natural Sciences
University of Liverpool (2) • Mathematics
• Medicine
University of Manchester (4)• Zoology with Industrial/Professional Experience (4 years)
University of Nottingham• Chemistry
University of Oxford • German and Beginners’ Portuguese
University of Southampton (4)• Archaeology and Anthropology
• Chemistry with year-long industry experience
• Medicine
• Software Engineering
University of St Andrews• Art History and Classical Studies
University of Warwick (3)• Biomedical Science with Placement Year
• Hispanic Studies and Theatre Studies
• Physics
Williams College, Massachusetts, US• Liberal Arts

For further details on the courses for previous years, please see our booklet below.