Visit us

Discover what happens in our Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form through our virtual tours.


Our visitor events take place during the week, enabling you to see our school in action. During a Senior School visitor event you will hear from our Headmistress, Mrs Fiona Boulton, or one of our Deputy Heads, enjoy a pupil led tour of the school and have the opportunity to talk to senior teachers and the admissions team. In-person Senior School visitor mornings are currently reserved for those families considering at 2023 entry. If you are interested in entry from September 2024 onwards you will be able to book to attend an in-person visitor morning from November 2022 or, in the meantime, join us at a virtual Senior School visitor morning.

A Junior visit will begin with a talk from our Head of Junior School, Mr Allistair Williamson, followed by a tour of the school with our Year 5 or 6 pupils. There will also be an opportunity for informal chat with Mr Williamson, senior teachers and the admissions team.

At virtual visitor events you will hear from the Headmistress, Mrs Fiona Boulton or Head of Junior School, Mr Allistair Williamson and our Director of Admissions, Mrs Helen Moffat. There is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. These are open to all interested families irrespective of proposed joining date.


  • Tuesday 13 September, 10.00-11.00 (full)
  • Monday 19 September (Virtual), 10.00-10.45
  • Wednesday 28 September, 10.00-11.00
  • Thursday 24 November, 10.00-11.00


These dates are for 2023 entry only:

  • Wednesday 14 September, 10.15-11.15
  • Tuesday 20 September, 10.15-11.15
  • Thursday 29 September, 10.15-11.15
  • Wednesday 5 October, 10.15-11.15
  • Tuesday 11 October, 10.15-11.15
  • Tuesday 18 October (Virtual), 10.00-10.45 (Any entry point)
  • Thursday 20 October, 10.15-11.15

The following dates are for 2024 entry as well:

  • Wednesday 16 November, 10.15-11.15
  • Thursday 1 December, 10.15-11.15


Our annual Sixth Form visitor evening for those considering entry in September 2023 will take place at GHS on 12 October 2022.

To attend one of our events, please click the link below.