Openbox Workshops!

The Openbox Theatre company come to us every year to run a series of energetic and exciting workshops linked directly to key learning objectives, unleashing our imaginations to turn facts into fun. This half term has already seen three fantastic workshops!

Year 1 had a magical time learning about Fairytales – they talked through the traditional classics, and then went on their own adventure up the beanstalk with Jack!

Over in Year 2, they climbed into a time-machine and discovered History through the ages. The adventures were seemingly endless, from the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder plot to the Great Fire of London – they learned a great deal while having heaps of fun.

Finally, Year 5 learned about evacuation in WW2! After discussing what they already knew from lessons, the class was surprised with an air raid siren and had to take quick cover! They spent the session getting stuck into the characters and lives of WW2 evacuees – it was an enriching and eye-opening experience, but a lot of fun too.