Two teams of Upper Sixth students were invited to the Tycoon Enterprise Challenge final, a competition hosted by the Peter Jones Foundation where teams of students produce a business plan, design a product, and then begin selling their product after successfully applying for a start-up loan.

Tyde created a successful personalised water bottle business, and Dangerzone designed and published a wonderful educational colouring book. Both businesses had a strong emphasis on sustainability and conservation, with Tyde donating a proportion of their profits to Ocean Clean Up and Water Aid and Dangerzone giving money to a Namibian charity, Africat.

Both teams had to present their business journey at the final to a range of guests, including Peter Jones himself, and did a superb job conveying the passion for their respective causes and the exciting journeys they had taken throughout the process. At the awards ceremony, Tyde won the Business for Good award and Dangerzone were runners up in the main Key Stage 5 competition category, only being beaten by the overall competition winners.