Eco-Schools Green Flag Awarded with Distinction

The Green Team at Guildford High School have worked incredibly hard in developing the schools commitment to environmental education and pupil-led eco-action. A multitude of activities and practices including community hedge planting initiatives, educational trips to The British Wildlife Centre, a environmental review on school practices, climate focused drama productions and many more have been carried out over the last year.  The Eco-Schools team have awarded GHS their highest accolade, ‘The Green Flag’ with Distinction.  We are incredibly proud of the hard work that has gone into this, which is evidence in comments from the Eco-Schools team,

“It’s clear your Eco-Committee are constantly considering what actions they can take to improve their local community and benefit our planet. Your Eco-Committee didn’t let any tricky questions on the Environmental Review defeat them, instead they sought out other experts in their school such as your Facilities Manager alongside Mrs Howitt and Mrs Gallagher to help answer questions which demonstrates their resilience and team ethos. Your Action Plan shows that your Eco-Committee have carefully considered how they can involve their entire school in their planned Eco-Schools’ activities to achieve maximum impacts and raise awareness amongst their school community. We can create bigger impacts through working together, so it was wonderful to read you collaborated with another Eco-Committee on one of your Eco-Schools projects. We love the variety of activities that you and your Eco-Committee have included in the Action Plan. This will no doubt support multi-disciplinary skills and shows how integrated environmentalism is in your school. Your Action Plan is a phenomenal example of what Eco-Schools can achieve and all involved should be incredibly proud. Your hard work and dedication has inspired young people and empowered them with the belief that they can positively impact our planet – this is something incredibly special.Your achievement in gaining Mode Shift STARS silver award is fantastic. Thanks for applying for an Eco-Schools Award, the submission was innovative, impactful, and inspirational – good luck!”