Eco Workshops and Walk to School

On one sunny Friday morning we got dropped off at The Spectrum to be part of the Walking Bus. We walked across Stoke Park in our pairs in a big long line of KS2 girls; it was brilliant to be with our friends in the fresh air (even if it did rain a little). We even sang some Encanto songs and ‘I’m going to sing, sing, sing’ on the way back to school. It was great that we all did our bit for sustainable travel and we could put a sticker on the Park and Stride section of our Walk to School week sticker chart!!

In the last week of term, Clare and Lizzie spoke to us about the 7 spheres of the world where we understood how our lifestyle choices can directly affect the environment. Years 1, 2 ,3 and 6 had an extra workshop which involved delving deeper into how we can personally make a change for the better. We made eco pledges on trees to make a pact for change, which looks stunning in our hall. The Eco Captains from each year group also met to look at the sustainable changes we can make for our school. We took inspiration from eco-friendly cites around the world including Copenhagen and Reykavik; Rosie and Susanna led the team well, actively voicing the need for solar panels which we thought was a fantastic idea!