Pre Prep Nativity

The Pre-Prep Nativity was based on Strictly Come Dancing and told the story about baby Jesus’ birth. There were heavenly angels, hardworking shepherds, funky camels and lots of other characters. We had thePeople of Nazareth dancing a line dance, Year 1Camels and Wisemen doing a Camel Funk, the Innkeepers performing a tango with their brooms and theStar of Bethlehem grooving to a disco beat. Earlier we were joined by a host of heavenly angels, in the form of Reception, delighting us with their ballet moves. Every Dance was scored by a panel of judges – the Innkeeper’s wife, the Donkey and grumpy Caesar – who gave scores between five and 10 for each performance. There was a great deal of audience participation as the results were cheered or booed accordingly.
Year 2