We enjoyed preparing for Harvest and although we were a bit nervous, we were very proud of ourselves after the service in Church and the Concert to our parents. We enjoyed singing lots of songs. Singing ‘Thank you Lord for the Harvest’ made us feel how fortunate we are to have food and clean water to eat and drink because there are other people around the world who do not have as much as we do. It reminded us to share our food. Singing the Potato Song was fun – it was like having an English lesson, but with singing! It made us feel happy and was a really good ending to the service in Church, and even better at the concert when our parents clapped really loudly because we felt very proud. We worked hard to practise Water Water Everywhere and, on the day, we sang it really well. It was tricky because the two classes had two different tunes to sing and we had to concentrate to sing our parts. Using the microphone and having our own lines to say made us feel very proud and grown up. We used lots of expression to share our script with everyone who was listening to us.

We liked listening to Reception singing their Jumping in the Puddles song. They had to breathe in the air, but actually they were breathing out! Year 1 and Year 2 sang their songs really well too. It was fun watching the girls acting out the Sower and the Seed drama because they made it funny so we remembered the story. We loved being in the Peter Rabbit story too – acting and saying the funny lines.

We are proud of everyone who has helped us raise money for WaterAid and who has brought in tins and packets of food for people in Guildford who are not as fortunate as we are.

Class 3L