European Youth Parliament 2023

On Friday 3rd of March, eight of our Lower Sixth students got up very early and made their way to St Paul’s School in London. After a quick tube journey and a walk across the river, they arrived, ready for an exciting day of debating. They topical issues, such as toxic masculinity and ‘lad culture’, as well as rising energy prices and how to tackle them. It was then the GHS team’s turn to oppose another school’s resolution, with Bea and Janane making excellent speeches against it. They must have been very convincing, because the resolution failed to pass. After a short lunch break, the next topics covered were the shortage of digital skills in Europe and the threat of spiking drinks. Finally, it was their turn to propose a resolution, with Olivia and Karina also making superb speeches. As a team, they fought back against some serious questioning. It was a great day, spent improving their debating and public speaking skills, as well as learning more about current issues and interacting with students from other schools in our Southeast region.