Brooklands Innovation Academy Trip

This week, ten Year 8 pupils made their way to the Brooklands Museum to take part in the Brooklands Innovation Academy, a day of exciting STEM talks and workshops designed to inspire the scientists and engineers of the future.

The pupils took part in activities that pushed them out of their comfort zone and got them thinking about the huge variety of careers available in the STEM field, including package design, ‘smart home’ technology and automotive engineering. They particularly enjoyed meeting technicians who use make-up and other chemicals to produce artificial, but extremely life-like, cuts, burns and bruises for the purposes of training new doctors and nurses in the NHS, and they wore their own ‘injuries’ with pride!

They also heard from a range of incredible speakers, including Kirsty Murphy, who discussed her remarkable career as the first female Red Arrow pilot and now as a pioneer in green aerospace technology, and the one and only Professor Brian Cox, who talked about some of the biggest questions in cosmology. The pupils had a brilliant day and were full of excitement about where STEM could take them, leaving the adults present feeling confident that the future is in safe hands.