9th Year of Articulation – Appreciation and discussion of visual culture.

Articulation is a national oracy competition designed to give young people a forum in which they are able to express their own ideas on art. It is partnered with the National Gallery in London and the value of looking, thinking and speaking are at its heart. This is our 9th year of entry to the competition with our students speaking at many locations across the country.

Erin in the Lower Sixth was our internal winner, selected from 8 candidates. She progressed to the Regional Heat of the competition at The LightBox Gallery with her observations on Sun Yuan and Pen Yu’s ‘Can’t Help Myself’. The adjudicator was impressed with Erin’s speech and praised her exemplary content, research, and presentation skills. She particularly noted how Erin discussed the implications of machinery and modern technology in this artwork, cleverly linking to other artists such as Anish Kapoor and Andy Warhol, and how well her argument pivoted on her personal interaction with the piece and the capacity for art to incite empathy in the viewer. Both Mrs Kew and Mrs Petch are thrilled with her dedication to the competition and are extremely proud of her performance.