The West Surrey Partnership – Christian Foley at G Live

Year 5 joined 500 other pupils at GLive for the launch of the West Surrey Partnership. The Partnership is a collaboration between over 20 schools who aim to work together for the mutual benefit of all our students and staff. We were delighted to be joined by poet and rapper, Christian Foley. Christian shared his poems and journey to being a professional spoken word artist from his days at school through to early success performing at PMQ’s and with the premier league. He shared his love of reading and building vocabulary in order to better express himself, and stressed how important it was to describe the emotions and issues which shape and define us. Through his poetry our morning was spent being superheroes, characters from Toy Story, learning to rap and grasping the basics of rhythms and rhymes. He begun by welcoming us all as one community and ended by challenging us all to write a poem ‘I Come From’ to express where we come from and what defines us. All of Year 5 whole heartedly took part throughout and Christian finished by stressing the importance of active listening and reading to ‘catch’ the words!