New Enrichment Lesson for Yr 9: Natural History

We are very excited to be offering a new enrichment lesson to our Year 9 students from September 2023. Natural History in Year 9 focuses on generating an understanding of the rich and diverse natural world. This includes how it has been shaped and has evolved as well as how humans influence, conserve and protect it. Through observational study and investigation, natural history seeks to understand the diversity, complexities, and interconnectedness, of life on earth in contrasting habitats. The study of Natural History will allow pupils to observe and engage with the natural world, to develop a deeper understanding of the flora and fauna within it, enabling safeguarding of the future. Natural History provides opportunities to develop practical skills e.g. sampling strategies as well as skills in a classroom/lab e.g. oracy, research, teamwork. Studying Natural History will make an important contribution to understanding the relationship between the natural world and culture, policy decisions, scientific research and technology. Students will learn through practical and academic study how connection with the natural world brings health and wellbeing benefits.