Hadrian’s Wall

At the end of the Lent term, forty girls from Years 8 and 9 travelled up to Northumberland to explore the remains of Hadrian’s Wall, including numerous Roman forts and towns, such as Birdoswald, Corbridge, Vindolanda and Chesters. The girls gained a wonderful insight into life at the Wall for the soldiers and their families; they also enjoyed some beautiful walks following the remains of the Wall, whilst taking in the spectacular views. A particular highlight of the trip was our visit to Bamburgh Castle, a magnificent fortress, with breathtaking views of the Northumberland coast and surrounding countryside. The girls were treated to a highly entertaining guided tour, during which they learned all about the history of the castle, including the intriguing Pink Lady, a ghost whose spirit is said to revisit the castle every seven years. Our trip was bookended with two impressive sites in Derbyshire: Bolsover Castle and Chatsworth House. The girls were positive, inquisitive, and enthusiastic about all the sites and beautiful walks. Thank you to Mrs George for organising such a fantastic trip, and to Mr James, Mr Smellie and Miss Hiley for providing such inspirational guiding and support throughout the trip.