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Initial Teacher Training Scheme

As a National Teaching School, GHS welcomes colleagues to train via the United Teaching Initial Teacher Training scheme or via another provider, such as e-Qualitas. Arrangements are co-ordinated by Róisín Watters.

United Teaching National SCITT

The United Teaching ITT scheme works in partnership with the Institute of Education. Prior to commencing training with United Teaching, all trainees are expected to visit a local school for five days, with activities including pupil shadowing, lesson observations focusing on behaviour and learning, routines, expectations, teaching and learning strategies and assessment for learning, as well as reading the school’s latest Ofsted report.

There is an initial three-week summer school in July based in our lead (Paddington Academy) and host schools (GHS). The academic year is then spent at GHS with additional training (focusing on lesson observations, and professional and subject studies) one afternoon each week at Paddington. A second placement of 4 weeks in a second, contrasting school (either within the Group, or another local school) is also completed, and the ITT will attend up to three conferences. Assessment will continue throughout the course, based on classroom experience and achievement measured against Teaching Standards, while academic study will comprise three 4,000 word essays. Online support and an allocated mentor is provided as well as a subject mentor at GHS with whom the ITT will meet on a weekly basis to discuss lesson planning, teaching strategies and observations.

Progress will be informally discussed in weekly mentor meetings and also formally tracked and discussed in a six week review which will take place every half term. Evidence for each of the standards will be presented in the Learning Journal and a portfolio. Both these documents will be reviewed and assessed by United Teaching National SCITT and moderated by an external visiting assessor in June. 

On completion of the one year scheme, the ITT is awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). If the ITT is rated Good or Outstanding they will receive the United Learning Graduate Mark - guaranteeing a job within a United Learning school. 


e-Qualitas is another provider that colleagues may use to attain QTS. The scheme is similar in that there are training days which must be attended, training records to complete following weekly observations and meetings with your school based trainer/mentor, 2 formal assignments and some other coursework to complete following online learning and a 4 week placement in a second contrasting school. Evidence of meeting the Teaching Standards with secure evidence and reflective logs, detailing analytical and evaluative reflection are also part of this scheme. Progress will be formally tracked every 5, 15, 25 weeks by the subject mentor and every 10, 20 and 30 weeks by the Lead trainer as well as formal observations by a visiting tutor once a term. The outcomes of the assessment are checked by an assessment verifier 2-4 weeks after the tutor’s final visit.

Those colleagues who successfully attain QTS will then need to complete the NQT Induction year.