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Health & Safety


Guildford High School takes the view that, no matter how safely a lesson is taught, girls playing Lacrosse are at risk of accidental contact with another stick, ball or player.
In line with the recommendations stated by the English Lacrosse Association, the school policy is that mouthguards are mandatory. 

Mouthguards are therefore considered compulsory items of PE kit and pupils will be expected to have them in school at all times for the playing of Lacrosse (and Hockey in Year 9). 

It is essential for parents and girls to ensure that properly fitted mouthguards are purchased and worn for every lacrosse lesson, practice or match.   Parents must write a letter to excuse their daughter if there is any legitimate reason why she cannot wear a mouthguard for a lacrosse lesson.  When this is the case the pupil will wear a goalkeeper’s helmet so that she can continue to participate in the lesson safely.

It is important to note that members of the PE Department will give advice and remind pupils in their care of the necessity to wear their mouthguard; however, the responsibility rests with each girl to ensure that they wear a well-fitting mouthguard for all lessons, extra-curricular practices and matches.


The school policy is that except for a single pair of stud earrings and watch, girls may not wear any jewellery unless they are in the Sixth Form.  Permission has to be given by the Headmistress for necklaces with religious meaning to be worn.

Guildford High School takes the view that in PE lessons all girls are at risk when jewellery is worn, not just the wearer.  Should there be contact of any kind, jewellery poses a dangerous hazard and no matter how safely a lesson is taught, there is always risk of accidental contact in PE.

It is therefore the responsibility of girls, and teachers to remind them, to remove all jewellery at the start of each PE lesson. 

According to ELA (Lacrosse) and AENA (Netball) policies, earrings are strictly not permitted and must be removed for all lessons and matches. If girls wish to have their ears pierced, the advice is to wait until the start of the holidays (preferably the summer) when there is sufficient time for the healing process to take place.   Girls will not be excused if they fail to heed this advice; the PE Department are very strict about this and girls will simply be instructed to remove their earrings regardless of timing.

Girls should not wear valuable earrings if they are worried about losing them.  Staff cannot take responsibility for any items of jewellery brought to lessons. Members of the PE Staff cannot be expected to assist in the removal and subsequent replacement of earrings.  If girls are too young to cope with the situation themselves, responsibility must rest with parents to remove earrings before their daughter comes to school.