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Code of Conduct

Availability and Commitment

Availability and commitment are considered equally important as attainment. 

All team players, A and B team players in particular, are expected to give 100% by attending all practices and making themselves available for all matches.  Irregular attendance at practices or repeated inability to play in matches will affect a player’s subsequent selection.  The PE Department is very clear about its principle ‘miss a practice, miss a match’, and will enforce this policy unless a valid excuse or apology is made directly to the member of staff concerned.

The Sports Fixture List should be used for advanced planning.  If it is impossible to play in a fixture, the appropriate member of PE staff should be notified at least a week in advance so that selection can be organised accordingly.

Team lists and match details will normally be posted on the PE Notice Board during the previous week and on the website.  Girls are expected to read the notice boards daily and take home all information pertaining to their fixture.  It is important for team players to be organised and to take responsibility for their own time management as far as their sport is concerned.  These are essential life skills, which also promote confidence and independence, and in turn help the school build well prepared, successful teams.  Parents are asked to refrain from phoning or emailing the school for information unless there are associated problems or queries, which can only be dealt with by contacting a member of staff.  Players who rely too heavily on parental input will inevitably find it difficult later on when their busy academic, social and extra-curricular lives become more complicated! 

On the day of a match, it is the Captain’s responsibility to make sure all her team members are present and fit to play.  Absentees should be reported as soon as possible so that reserves and players ‘on stand-by’ can be alerted to make the necessary arrangements.

It is important to note that PE lessons are as important, if not more so, than extra-curricular activities.  It is not appropriate for a pupil to be excused from a timetables PE lesson due to matches or other sporting events. 


When playing in matches, girls act as ambassadors of the school.  As well as performing to a high standard it is expected that GHS players will behave in a polite and courteous manner at all times.

The school PE Department will not tolerate any of the following:

  • Negativity, on and/or off the court/pitch, which adversely affects others
  • Rude, offensive behaviour and/or comments directed to other players or members of staff
  • Disputing the umpire’s decisions, both verbally and non-verbally in a bad-mannered way
  • Swearing

Parents and spectators are kindly asked to support these principles and uphold the same standards as players.  Please understand that members of PE staff and other umpires can easily hear loud, unpleasant or argumentative comments made on the side lines, which are neither helpful to individual players nor the team as a whole.  Any GHS supporter who behaves in an objectionable way will be asked to stay away from future matches.

Rules and procedures at the end of a fixture

It is the Captain’s responsibility to make sure the opposition, organisers and umpires are always thanked at the end of a match or competition. 

Every pupil is expected to say goodbye and thank the member of PE staff before departure.

At home matches, GHS players are expected to act as good hosts and may not leave until:

  • The opposition has left
  • Match tea is finished, cleared away and the Sports Centre Social Area is tidy
  • PE staff have been thanked and permission has been given to leave.

At away matches, GHS players may not leave until:

  • The match is finished and refreshments have been taken
  • Members of the PE Department, both GHS staff and the opposition, have been thanked and permission has been given to leave.

When returning by coach/minibus from away matches, players must make the necessary arrangements to be collected promptly.  It is strongly advised that girls carry a mobile phone to maintain contact in case of last minute changes or delays.  It is unacceptable for PE staff to be kept waiting for long periods and parents who are persistently late collecting their daughter(s) jeopardise their future selection.

Parents are asked to support their daughters in following the above code of conduct and not put pressure on them to leave earlier than the stated/expected time.  Participating in a fixture inevitably entails time at the end for match tea and tidying up; this commitment needs to be considered before making arrangements to go elsewhere.  It is not helpful to the player concerned, members of staff or rest of the team for some girls to be allowed to leave earlier.  Repeated contravention of the rules will only serve to question whether or not that pupil deserves to be part of the team.