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Creative Life

A rich creative timetable puts creativity at the centre of Junior School life.  Art works adorn the walls, music fills the corridors and dramatic performances give all girls the opportunity to take to the stage in front of friends and family.  The girls throw themselves into these activities with eagerness and commitment and charm us with the results.  

Art and Design

Our spacious, well-equipped art room is a bright, creative space in which the girls are introduced to a variety of media and techniques.  Alongside the core strands of painting, drawing and clay work (the room has its own kiln), the girls also try silk painting, batik, weaving, modroc and printing.  Art exhibitions brighten the classrooms and corridors where girls display their latest paintings, collages and sculptures.  Trips to exhibitions of local and national importance, such as the V&A and National Gallery, are much enjoyed and the appreciation and analysis of art works are encouraged throughout school in project based work and in assemblies. 


From Reception to Year 6, all girls develop their speaking and listening skills, their imaginations and their acting talents through drama.  Christmas celebrations are a highlight of the year and we ensure full participation for all girls through speech, drama, song, music and dance.  Year group productions are always a treat and girls work as a team to design sets, create programmes and perform on stage.  Year 6 girls leave Junior School with a bang, ending their final year of Junior School with an outstanding production each year.


The musical talents of all girls are celebrated at Guildford High Junior School; their enjoyment and enthusiasm is palpable and you will rarely walk around the school building without hearing music filtering down the corridors.  Classroom music lessons are fun, often practical, and include singing, composing, listening and a cross curricular approach which includes dance and drama.  Musical performances and festivals provide many opportunities for girls to demonstrate their talents, whatever their experience and ability.  We have a rich and diverse range of ensembles which encourage the girls to foster the joy of making music with others and many girls have individual instrumental lessons in school. 

You can listen to some recent musical highlights by clicking on the tracks below.