STEAM day!

This year’s STEAM Day was brimming with wonder and fun! The pupils enjoyed an action-packed day of workshops, visitors, STEAM activities and some light-bulb moments as young inventors.

• Reception were thinking about how they could release a baby dinosaur from its frozen egg safely, and discovered how strong a multi-storied platform, made from paper cups and cardboard, can be.
• Year 1 were engineering a bridge to help some monkeys cross a flooded river and counting how many droplets of water they could balance on a 2p coin.
• Year 2 were rocket scientists! They created chemical reactions to launch their very own rockets, and were then using potatoes to control a computer game, discovering what an insulator and a conductor is.
• Year 3 were developing their understanding of Physics during the ‘Walking horse’ activity, trying to get their horses to trot (or stumble) successfully down an incline.
• Year 4 loved being introduced to the Sphero robots, collaborating in small groups and navigating their way through a maze.
• Year 5 applied Newton’s Third Law to build balloon rockets. Whilst some succeeded in modifying the balloons to hit a target of stacked paper cups, others ended up on the lights in the Science Lab.
• Year 6 designed and built mini brick houses. Using sand, water and flour, they made cement which was surprisingly satisfying!

Throughout the day, the girls enjoyed a journey through space in the Immersive Dome and feeling inspired by the stories of our visiting speakers. They were also tapping into their computational thinking skills during the Problem-Solving workshop. It was a day filled with enthusiasm and curiosity and perhaps it was the launching pad of some future engineers and scientists. Thank you to our visitors for their time and energy and to the pupils for having a smile on their faces for the entire day. We cannot wait for next year’s STEAM Day!