The huge number of extracurricular clubs and activities offered in the Junior School add to the rich range of experiences for girls. When girls first join us in Reception, extracurricular clubs are kept to a minimum as unstructured play time is important at this age. As the girls get older the chances for fun, for enrichment and to acquire new skills increase.

Over 90 clubs meet each week ranging from fencing to yoga, classics to chess and art to percussion. There really is a club for everyone. The only problem our girls have is trying to work out how to fit them all in!

Mr mike gibb, head of junior school

A sample of the types of clubs available to girls in the Junior School and a list of last term’s activities can be found below.

Extracurricular Activities – Lent TERM 2020


ArtGymMusical theatre
BalletJudoPublic speaking
CodingMusic ensembles, choirs, bands and orchestrasTennis
FrenchMusic technologyYoga

Frequent trips, visits and workshops add another dimension to the extracurricular programme; they are closely linked to the curriculum, enable an intensive programme to be followed and make a significant contribution to the girls’ social development. There is progression in duration and distance travelled.

Girls go on frequent day trips from Reception but the first residential trip takes place in Year 2 where the girls go to a local field study centre for one night. Year 4 spend two nights on an outward bound residential trip and Year 6 travel to France for five days, using their linguistic skills and learning about the country’s culture.

Cultural, fun, action-packed, friends together – our week long trip to France.

year 6 (2019)

Through these experiences, girls develop the adaptability to confidently face and respond to new challenges.