World Book Day

This year we decided to have three days of World Book Day fun workshops and activities to celebrate our love of reading. We were treated to a hilariously funny live-streamed workshop with the brilliant Kenn and Iain from Openbox. They read imaginative stories, entertaining us with their quick wit and laugh out loud comedy. We found it very funny when Kenn promised to listen and then kept asking Iain to repeat everything as he had not listened properly. The fun continued into the afternoon with a fantastic production of Handsome and Grotty. The best part was when Grotty (Iain) transformed into a Unicorn complete with rainbow sparkles and Handsome (Kenn) became a rock and roll star with a small maroon leather jacket and sunglasses. They brought the characters to life fantastically.

We were thrilled to welcome “West End in Schools” Dance Company into school to deliver live workshops to the girls. Their professional dancer Ollie taught them how to bring a range of story books to life by using the power of movement. Books included Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book. It was wonderful to unite our key worker pods and online leaners for a final virtual performance!

The girls were invited to enter a Book Cover Competition to replicate the front cover of a children’s book and they created some fantastic images. They were also encouraged to keep up the tradition of dressing up as a book character, which many of the girls did at home.

Ella 4S, Miss Georgie Dustin and Miss Claire Scott