Well-being Week 2021

We were delighted to welcome pupils back to school on 8 March to coincide with our annual Well-being Week. This year we chose the theme ‘Be a Rainbow’. The rainbow has come to symbolise so many aspects of the last year; it is a sign of giving, of compassion, of active service, and of hard work and I hope this has developed our appreciation of these important qualities and helped to inspire them in ourselves. Rainbows also bring joy and wonder and help to remind us to enjoy the simple things in life and reflect that storms pass. On arrival, pupils were greeted with an array of rainbow balloon arches and garlands at the entrances to the school.

Activities for the week included walks and various arts and crafts such as painting suncatchers with positive messages and colouring in rainbow postcards designed by author Charlie Mackesy. There was also the opportunity to enjoy some delicious treats from pancakes and ice cream to the infamous GHS cookie and hot chocolate! The week was all about everyone being back together; enjoying time with each other, socialising in a safe way and rebuilding connections. It was a wonderful way to get pupils back into school life and look forward to the rest of the term.

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GHS Well-being Week 2021