Walking challenges in May for GHS pupils

At Guildford High School we are proud to be working with Surrey County Council and Living Streets to create a cleaner greener Surrey by encouraging as many pupils as possible to travel to school actively and sustainably.

Lockdowns have been periods of time when we review how we go about our normal day-to-day activities; many of us have done more walking and realised there are many opportunities to explore and protect our local area. We have appreciated how enjoyable, healthy and beneficial walking with friends is. The Sixth Form have participated in walking challenges throughout lockdown, chalking up some impressive distances.

Our Green Team held a Clean Air day in September and this term our Senior School will be introducing Active Travel Days on Friday 14 May and Monday 5 July. The latter includes a ‘Walk &Wildlife Challenge for Senior School pupils; we hope they can connect with friends and the natural world more on their school route. House points will be available for active travel choices and the Walk &Wildlife Challenge.

Our Junior School are planning to celebrate national walk to school week on 17-21 May, encouraging the girls to walk some or the entire way to school (if appropriate). They are also planning to run two walking buses during the week, one for KS1 and one for KS2 where pupils can be dropped off nearby and will be walked to school ‘as a school’. In addition, a sponsored walk around Stoke Park is planned during this week to raise money for our school charities.

You can find out more about our commitment to safer travel on the GHS Travel Plan page.