Fly me to the Moon

As a young child you often dream of the wonders outside the realm of your reality. You sit and question “how does this work” or perhaps “how did that end up there”. The desire to learn is what fosters the intellectual curiosity that we strongly encourage at GHS; “the most important thing is not to stop questioning for curiosity has its own reason for existence” (Albert Einstein, 1995).

It was this same love for learning that led to a fascinating day for our Junior School pupils as they played amongst the stars in an immersive talk about the adventures of space by Tinlin Talks. Delivered by STEM Ambassador, Liz Tinlin, the talks aim to provoke interest in STEM subjects from biology to computing, photography to geology, maths to chemistry and, of course, space science.

In STEM-related fields, around 30% of the world’s researchers are women, with recent UCAS data showing 35% of STEM students in higher education in the UK are women (STEM Women 2021, World Economic Forum 2020). For reasons like these statistics, GHS is incredibly proud of the interest our pupils take in STEM subjects; an interest that starts in the Junior School and stays with pupils all the way to Sixth Form. Coincidently, on the same day as the Tinlin Talks visited, two Sixth Form students (Alexis and Milly) were recognised for their outstanding potential as future leaders in engineering by the Arkwright Scholarships.

In the two talks delivered, pupils learnt about rocks and robots, starting with the Earth’s geology from space, before going on an expedition through the solar system, discovering what else could be found in one of life’s greatest enigmas. Later in the day, pupils then learnt about the greatest human adventure, describing the first moon landing of Apollo 11 and the exciting tales of Apollo 8 and 17.

With several activities lined up in the school calendar that celebrate STEM subjects, from a trip to Florida for Years 9, 10 and 11 to our fun-filled STEM activities day in the Junior School, there are lots of opportunities to discover how a dream can be fostered into much more.