The Class of 1976 Reunion

On 12 October, the Class of 1976 returned to GHS to celebrate 50 years since first starting. The 22 alumni members, who first joined in 1969, met for lunch and a tour and were delighted to be joined by two former members of staff who taught PE. This was the first time the Class of 1976 had been back to GHS since they left and they enjoyed reminiscing about their time here. They were even pleased to see that their Sixth Form Common Room in 1975 was now the Careers Room for our current Sixth Form students!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, and I would encourage any other year groups to go back and visit. The school is full of warmth and innovation and a fantastic environment. Roll on our next reunion!

VICKY HENRY (née Reading), Class of 1976

Mrs Louise Stone