The Alice Award

We have launched a new Award this term which centres around the ‘GHS 8’. This is an important part of the ethos of Guildford High; we aspire for our pupils to be happy, positive, creative, curious, confident, resilient, responsible and to fulfil their potential.

Alice in Wonderland has become a lovingly poignant symbol of the school’s mission to be creative and curious in both teaching and learning. This is particularly significant now in lockdown, as all of our pupils once again transition brilliantly to online learning.

Every adventure requires a first stepThe Cheshire Cat

Over the next few weeks we are encouraging our pupils to step outside of their comfort zone and try something new. The Challenge is a series of eight tasks to complete that are based around the ‘GHS 8’. Rather like Alice, we encourage curiosity and kindness. The Challenge is open to every pupil and we encourage everyone to participate! Those who manage to complete the ‘GHS 8’ will be invited to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in the Alice Courtyard to receive their Alice Awards.

We hope all of our pupils enjoy the Challenge and look forward to seeing their results!