Shakefest 2021

As the first half of Michaelmas term ends, one pivotal event stands in the way between our pupils and half term…that being Shakefest. A two-day event involving every pupil from Year 8 and 9 as they perform an abridged version of a Shakespearean play in either their form or House.

Considered an incredibly important event in the school calendar, the pupils become playwrights, actors, musicians, prop, and costumer designers. It is a fantastic opportunity that allows our younger pupils to see Shakespeare as a text to be performed and admired, developing one’s skills in performing and discovering another’s passion.

With stage lighting, curtains, and sound to make each performance as professional as possible, the pupils work as a team to embrace the text. Every year we are amazed by the hard work and talent that goes into producing these performances. The pupils think creatively and collaboratively to utilise the world they live in now to draw parallels that brings new meaning to the plays.

Élise Watters, reflected on the experience, describing it as one of her most favoured periods of time at GHS so far. “Year 9 Sapphire’s performance of Macbeth was a memorable one. It was one of our most favoured periods of time at GHS so far, and the independence, creative license and opportunities to form great bonds and an even greater play we were given strengthened our performance as a whole. We respected one another, working swiftly and creatively to adapt and rehearse as much as possible. Our incredible actors performed with confidence and sophistication, our lighting, sound and music directors created wonderful Scottish-highland scenery, photographer captured the greatest moments of our dress rehearsals, our costumes director created outfits fit for murderous kings and our props designer made a whole castle, placing us in the top position for the year group! It was an incredibly valuable experience, which we all learnt from and enjoyed immensely.”

It was an incredibly valuable experience, which we all learnt from and enjoyed immensely.”

Congratulations to all who took part this year and a special commendation to 8G from Year 8 for their performance of Merchant of Venice and Year 9 Sapphire for their adaptation of Macbeth – well done!