Celebrating our public services

In the Junior School, each half term is coordinated around a specific theme that encourages girls to explore their own values and beliefs in becoming responsible citizens. This half term is focusing on ‘respect and diversity’, and in the week commencing the 22 November 300 girls were visited by: a PSCO, a fire-fighter, paramedic and an Army Major!

I enjoyed listening to all the talks, it showed us just how important these departments are.

Year 6 Pupil

The week looked at respecting our public services, who all demonstrate bravery, resilience, determination, and courage – something that at GHS we strongly encourage in our ‘GHS 8’. To kickstart the week, PCSO Roots spoke about his role in the community and was met with an extremely inquisitive audience, some of whom stayed until the end to ask even more questions!

Fireman Wickham is a regular visitor to GHS, often bringing his crew along to teach our Pre-Prep the importance of fire safety. His presence is usually an indication that a big red fire engine is on site! This time, it was KS2’s turn with Years 3-6 enjoying an assembly which saw Mrs Whybro try on the fireman uniform.

We should be thankful for them because they put themselves in danger to save other people’s lives.

Year 6 Pupil


To finish off the week, Paramedic Jess led a whole school assembly before spending the rest of the morning working with Years 5 and 6, teaching them the important life-saving skills of CPR. Major Dale concluded the day (and the very busy week) by speaking to Pre-Prep and Lower KS2, who listened intently as he taught them about army life.

The girls have enjoyed every minute of the fulfilling week, learning a lot and showing their appreciation for these fantastic service men and women, who work very hard to keep our community safe.