Science Week 2021

On the penultimate week of term, pupils in our Junior and Senior School celebrated Science Week with several different activities. The junior girls made marshmallow and spaghetti towers, took part in an eggnaut challenge to create a vehicle that stopped an egg from cracking when it was dropped from the top of a staircase and completed a rainbow water investigation. In the Senior School, a different challenge was given to pupils each day covering a range of different disciplines.

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Science Week 2021

Monday’s challenge focused on Psychology and pupils were sent a variety of activities to complete. The first activity, known as the ‘Stroop Effect’, provided interesting insights into how existing knowledge influences how we process incoming information. The second activity required pupils to match the visual illusion with its representation in a piece of art. In the third activity, pupils were given a series of chimeric faces and asked to identify the celebrities whose faces comprise these figures. Tuesday’s challenge was Biology based and focused on pupils’ plant cultivation skills. Pupils were tasked with planting their own seeds in egg shells to create grassy seed heads. Mrs Walker was interested to hear from pupils on the different growing conditions and asked for graphs that show how the mean height of the grass seedlings changed over time.

Pupils were presented with a Chemistry chromatography challenge on Wednesday. They used chromatography paper and coffee filter paper in conjunction with coloured ink/dye to create beautiful pieces of art. Day four saw pupils tasked with a Computer Science challenge, entitled ‘Hello World’. Traditionally all learners of a new computer programming language start their journey with the famous Hello World program. This consists of making the computer display those words on the screen. Pupils had to find out how to write the Hello World program in as many different programming languages as they could. Finding the right commands (or blocks) was only the first step; they also had to demonstrate that they ran the program somewhere.

The final challenge of the week was a soap-powered boat Physics challenge. Pupils had to make a boat out of cardboard or a plastic carton and had to move it as quickly as possible across 5cm of a tray of water. Prizes were available for the fastest boat and best designed boat.

Thank you to everyone who got involved this year.

Mrs Katy Hughes and Miss Kimberley Walrond