Remote learning technology

Technology has underpinned classroom-based learning at GHS for many years and the transfer yet again to remote learning during lockdown 3.0 has been a huge success. From the beginning of the academic year we decided to store and organise all work digitally in Showbie and OneNote. This has provided improvements in making sure paper (through scanning) and digital work is stored together in one place, but critically meant that the switch to remote teaching and learning has been smooth and swift. Pupils complete and share work in the same way at home as they would in the classroom through a combination of work completed with Apple Pencil and writing on paper which is then quickly scanned using their iPads. The Apple Pencils have made a huge difference as pupils can annotate worksheets and complete other work easily from home without any need for printing. Teachers are also able to present lessons over Teams more easily and mark homework quicker using the pencils.

All lessons for Senior School pupils have continued to be taught live using Microsoft Teams with lesson time reduced to allow for a timetable offering balance. Recently ‘together mode’ has been introduced to Microsoft Teams which means that we are now able to put everyone’s picture together on calls. Breakout Rooms, another recent Teams addition, has also been a great success giving pupils opportunities to collaborate and share their learning through the vibrancy of small group tasks and discussion. Breakout Rooms are also helping pupils to stay better connected with one another in these difficult times – something which we are using as much as possible in this lockdown.

Mr Jack Lapthorn