Pride and Prejudice Rehearsals Underway

‘Pride and Prejudice’ (published 1813), began life in the 1790s as ‘First Impressions’. In the novel, Jane Austen is centrally concerned with personal happiness and the grounds on which it might be achieved. She writes about the fates and choices of marriageable daughters, about class and forms of identity. Pupils have been busy rehearsing Simon Reade’s adaptation of the novel behind closed doors for this year’s senior production of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ but with a twist! The production will be set in the time of Covid-19 and promises to be a performance not to miss. It is hoped the production will be staged in the Main Hall after Half Term to allow for socially-distanced audiences. Covid-19 protocols will be observed by all the inhabitants of Meryton, but dancing, laughter and singing will be the prescribed order of the day!

Miss Fiona Mackay and Mr George Hogg