Partnership Activity This Term

Forging relationships with local schools during Covid-19 has meant thinking differently and creatively. This term we have begun a new partnership between Stoughton Infant School and the GHS Design & Technology department. Each term Stoughton pupils work on a project based on a curriculum goal, and the focus for Year 1 this term was the Polar region. We wanted to bring our Design & Technology expertise to Stoughton and work with the Year 1 pupils to deliver a polar building project. Due to lockdown, it was not possible to carry out the lesson in person so Mrs Jenni Wilkinson, from our Design and Technology department, put together a series of arts and crafts resources delivered in a box, a ‘Project Box’.

Each box contained a handmade game, an igloo building set, colouring in sheets and the instructions and materials needed to create a polar mobile. The Project Box was delivered to the Year 1 teachers and children. Those in school were able to make use of all the resources and those at home accessed the arts and crafts activities. The idea was to teach Year 1 pupils some basic Design and Technology skills of folding, cutting and assembly whilst they thought about where the Arctic and the Antarctic are in the world. Stoughton’s Year 1 had a wonderful time with the resources and Stoughton staff also expressed their gratitude to having all parts needed in the box, that the resources were something ‘a bit different’ and that the polar activity helped to develop the children’s understanding of the polar regions.

As a result of lockdown, it has also been difficult for our Year 9 and 10 pupils to volunteer as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award. Due to the success of the Project Box, a team of GHS pupils will be volunteering and supporting Mrs Jenni Wilkinson in future boxes for Stoughton. With much enthusiasm this term, they have already been planning Easter activities and thinking through the project for Stoughton’s summer term – a Victorian Beach Hut!

Mrs Jenni Hall