Music never stops at GHS

Music is usually a very collaborative and creative subject and we have managed to make it work this term through our distance learning. We have enjoyed the chance to sing to our hearts’ content at home, learn new IT skills to listen to sound tracks, create videos, compose music, be inventive and make sure that as always….Music is fun!

Our Reception girls have had great fun learning songs linked to the theme of toys and games, choosing and rehearsing their favourite song ready to sing to their family audience whom they had invited to watch and sing with them. A series of summer-themed songs have rounded off our Trinity Term on a high note. Taking inspiration from Arthur Bliss’ ‘Colour Symphony’, Year 1 were asked to use the character of the music they heard to imagine a scene and think of the colour the composer was trying to depict. The responses to the music were amazing through colour, pictures and even dance! No term is complete without singing so our Summer Sounds project involved listening to sounds indoors and outdoors; there were songs linked to birds, dragonflies and even wasps. The girls have loved being creative and I have no doubt they will be singing throughout the holidays. When Year 2 were given the challenge of making their own sounds using kitchen spoons, homemade maracas and stamping feet, they were excited to become composers. Learning about Graphic Score and how to write music without using staff notation, their symbols were creative and effective. We have concluded the year with some fabulous songs and a play script all about gardening. ‘Blooming Gorgeous’ has given us all so much pleasure with singing and acting out the play in the pods at the end of term.

Learning about each of the instruments of the orchestra without our usual demonstrations in the Music Room has made our work a little more frustrating. But listening to the sounds of each instrument and discovering how to play them has given Year 3 an excitement about the thought of choosing a new instrument to play! We ended our topic by creating our own instruments – the creativity and imagination of the girls was just wonderful. The highlight of Year 4’s Folk Music topic is always the recording in the Trinity Term. Not to be put off by remote learning, the girls rose to the challenge amazingly and each class produced an Anthology of Folk Music recordings to be shared with their parents. From jazzed-up versions and modern takes, the range of instruments and even some inclusion from siblings and parents too, the girls were amazing at recording themselves and should be incredibly proud of their foray into the world of folk tunes.

I am sure Year 5 will look back and remember the fun they had learning from home and involving family members. They enlisted parents and siblings to act out sections of ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’, equipped with costume and a range of voices! The songs were engaging and catchy, all thoroughly enjoyed. With posters and costumes, props and scenery designed, the missing link was of course an actual performance. But I know that some of the girls went a step further in their half term holiday, producing, acting, singing and dancing their way through the whole production to entertain their family! How fabulous! Recently, the girls were inspired by the world of Tudor Music. A whistle-stop musical tour of the world gave Year 6 the chance to encounter an exciting mix of pieces; some rather more pleasant than others and some giving chance for thought about culture and purpose of Music in different countries. The end of what has been for some seven years in the Junior School at GHS, is a time when you want to celebrate. So that is what we have managed to do through a special pandemic production of ‘Peter Pan!’ The songs are fabulous, the script is witty, and the acting and enthusiasm from the girls in each pod has been spectacular. The final day of recording the performance was truly historic!

Mrs Rachel Wardell