KS3 Independent Research Project

At the start of the Lent Term each year, pupils from Years 7-9 undertake an independent research project. This year pupils will be completing their projects from home during lockdown. The aim of the research project is to help pupils develop a range of valuable skills and attributes, including:

  • deeper knowledge and understanding of the subject area
  • planning and time management skills
  • independence, academic initiative and problem-solving
  • finding and evaluating resources
  • critical thinking and analytical skills

Pupils have been tasked with researching one of the proposed project titles and will produce a written project of 1500 words. The project is split into five steps and pupils have two weeks to complete it. The first week should mostly be spent investigating their subject area and building a portfolio of information and ideas to help answer their research title. The second week will see them taking their notes and ideas and building their written report or essay on the title they have chosen.

Year 7 and 8 project titles cover a broad range of subjects from Art and Product Design during the Covid-19 Pandemic, travelling back in time, the value of poetry and music that has been profoundly influenced by social, cultural and political events. Year 9 are asked to focus on combating climate change, investigating a museum artefact, analysing creeds and how they have seeped into everyday society or the connections between academic subjects.

The independent research project was launched yesterday (Tuesday 5 January) and pupils will be choosing their titles today.

We wish all our pupils the best of luck with their projects and look forward to reading them.

Dr Ewan Laurie