Inter-Form Radio Plays Competition

Last term, pupils were busy with a unique extracurricular Drama activity. All year groups in the Senior School were invited to produce and record a radio play within their form. The play needed to be chosen, planned, cast, recorded and submitted towards the end of the Michaelmas Term. Within each form, pupils had to choose form members to fulfil the roles of Director, cast members and a technical team – responsible for creating the necessary sound effects. Pupils needed to be especially creative with sound effects; without an audience to see props, an alternative way to set the scene was needed, as well as the use of accents and pitch to ensure the characters were distinct.

The plays have now been listened to and judged by a panel of teachers. Staff listened out for fluency and creativity of the radio play as a whole, effective development of characters and the relationships between them, helpful use of sound effects and the general effectiveness of the form’s organisation of the whole project. The list of winners is outlined below.



Year 7/8 Best Radio Play: 7GE

Year 9 Best Radio Play: 9CW

Year 7/8 Best Radio Play Actor(s): Avni, Year 7, Hazel, Year 7

Year 9 Best Radio Play Actor(s): Danya and Ariana

Year 7/8 Best Radio Play Director: Lily and Hazel, Year 7

Year 9 Best Radio Play Director: Lila and Alice

Year 7/8 Best Technical Production: 7CB

Year 9 Best Technical Production: 9CW

Special Mention Award: 9CW



Year 10/11 Best Radio Play: 10CW

Year 10/11 Best Radio Play Actor(s): Esme, Year 11, Sunshine and Erin, Year 10

Year 10/11 Best Radio Play Director: Amandine, Year 10

Year 10/11 Best Technical Production: 11GH


Congratulations to all of the winners and well done to everyone who took part, we have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the final submissions. We have created a video to summarise the performances, available below.