Wellbeing Week

Kindness is a central shared value of the school…the school is a caring and friendly community in which everyone is valued, and the pupils do not see differences in each other or if they do, they celebrate the fact.

ISI Report, 2021

Our annual Wellbeing Week is a celebration of exactly this. There is so much wellbeing that happens every day in school. Being with friends, sharing moments of laughter, and having fun is wellbeing. Playing Hungry Hippos or dancing in Houses is all great for pupil wellbeing, as is being in a thought-provoking lesson that introduces you to something new. Wellbeing is happening all around us, and we, as a school community, all play a huge part in creating an environment that is fun, supportive, and kind.

This year’s theme was ‘be brave’; bravery is a major characteristic that underpins so much of our GHS 8. Our pupils must be brave to make choices and decisions, to take risks, to know themselves but importantly be themselves.

The week started with a liberating sing-along to Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’, a song representing passion, self-assurance, and the power of one’s voice, setting the tone for the rest of the week. What followed was a week of circus tricks on the trapeze, calming yoga, wellbeing walks around Stoke Park, flower arranging and a live performance from Here at Last at our disco finale! Add in World Book Day, ice creams, dancing to ‘Encanto’ and bubbles on arrival; it has been a memorable week.

If our pupils take anything away from this week as it comes to end, we hope they realise just how brave they’ve been, they are, and they will continue to be.