GHS selected as Apple Distinguished School

It started with a vision. A vision to enrich teaching and learning with the best of digital, whilst complementing and preserving the benefits of paper to best suit individual learning goals. Since 2012, each of our pupils has been equipped with an iPad, with Apple Pencils introduced from September 2020. These products have always been to solely enhance learning and assist in our mission to provide a first-class education to academically able girls; after all, “the technology you use impresses no one, but the experience you create with it is everything” (Sean Gerety). Our aim has always been to promote new and exciting technology to make our classrooms even more stimulating environments.

98% of teachers across the school described the impact of the addition of Apple Pencils in September 2020 as positive or very positive.

In September 2021, Guildford High School were thrilled to be selected as an Apple Distinguished school; a school recognised for continuous innovation in learning, teaching and the school environment. The addition of the Apple Pencil to the iPad, alongside the adoption of a standardised digital-paper workflow, has been transformative, providing the missing link in the school’s learning provision.

88% of pupils in the Senior School described the impact of the addition of Apple Pencils in September 2020 as having a positive or very positive affect on learning.

But in this constantly revolving world we now begin to ask what’s next. Paper is here to stay alongside digital. The school will continue to innovate by maintaining a balance between the two, making this an incredibly exciting time in education. Advances in AI will enhance data that teachers collect about pupil progress and facilitate timely interventions – to push on those flying ahead and encourage those just taking off. The powerful capabilities of today and the future mean we move forward together as a school, pupils, and staff – aspiring as one.