GHS Prizegiving

GHS Prizegiving took place at Guildford venue, G-Live, at the end of June 2022.  Whilst celebrating pupils’ accomplishments over the past year, it was also a chance to be inspired, support our peers, say goodbye to Year 13 and members of staff who move onto their next chapter.

Our journey this year was about repair and recovery. We knew our community needed rebuilding after the disruption of covid, and everyone was prepared to take up that challenge. And what a year we’ve had. Bit by bit, events, concerts and productions began to return, with so many opportunities for us to be involved in something collectively.

Headmistress, Mrs Fiona Boulton in her account of the year recalled our significant moments and welcomed outgoing Head Girls, Alannah and Isabel, to the stage to give an inspiring talk to our current pupils.

Both the Chamber Orchestra and Senior Chamber Choir performed beautifully, with the choir singing ‘All the way home’, a song very fitting to the emotion we all felt that evening. GHS is home to so many people, and there is no better feeling than seeing our community back together again.

Guest of honour, Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, embraced this very sentiment in her speech, with words that resonated with so many of the pupils. Speaking on behalf of the school, our new Head Girls for September, Christina and Grace, thanked Dr Aderin-Pocock for her fascinating speech:

“It was fascinating tracking the progress of your dream, which originated for you from childhood watching the Clangers on TV, to your stunning achievements through academia and your career – you overcame any and all challenges thrown in your way. You encapsulated this in the core spirit of the GHS 8 with the importance of resilience, the power of calculated risk, seizing opportunities but grounding it by meticulous planning and discipline – so much so that even the Clangers had to take a two-year break to make way for your dreams.

Working backwards, your message culminated in the first rule myth of happiness. But most importantly, you established Rule 0 – for me, the most abstract but the most fundamental to realising any dream: thinking big makes the world a better place.

 The messages you have given tonight have been so endearing and genuine, most definitely points to take away for ourselves in the future. In particular the concept of the key to success, ‘to get up’- we did very much admire this idea.”

Our pupils have taken everything in their stride, and we are incredibly proud of everything they have accomplished this year!