Animals are indeed amazing

Animazing is an interactive and enjoyable experience, where we spent the day meeting many unusual and different animals that we never thought we could get so close to. The event really enhanced our understanding of biology and animals and at times encouraged us to conquer our fears! One of the more frightening moments for me was when they brought out a tarantula. I had to face my fears as I am terrified of spiders, but I definitely felt I accomplished something by sitting next to one and realising it’s more scared of me than I am of it.

Aside from the scary animals, we also met some adorable ones like a hedgehog. It curled up in a small ball and was very cute! We learnt how they keep safe but also how they attack if they feel in danger. Luckily, it didn’t feel in danger with us, and we were allowed to stroke the hedgehog!

Excitingly, Animazing also brought with them a lot of insects. I managed to hold a giant cockroach and it nearly crawled up my sleeve. It was so fun to see one of these in real life! Not just in documentaries.

Finally, a great end to a wonderful experience, was when we all held a barn owl on our shoulder! The owl was so soft and incredibly calm around us; we even got some amazing pictures to remember the day by.

Thank you so much to the science teachers for inviting Animazing in for what has been one of our favourite Biology lessons to date, but also to animazing for such a fun and enjoyable experience we will never forget!

Aurelia Behr and Maya Patel