Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

Earlier in the month, two casts from the Sixth Form performed adaptations of the plays ‘Antigone’ and ‘Medea’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The plays fuse the ancient with the modern, injecting an interactive, humorously quirky backdrop to the old tales of tragedy and raw human emotion. Only in these two versions of the plays the audience encountered timeless and revered characters such as Antigone, Creon, Medea and Jason alongside a group of hapless clowns and a troupe of holidaying grans enjoying a sun, sea and sand Greek package holiday.

A recent review from The Wee Review describes the adaptation as “colourfully boisterous” and whilst it holds true to the classic setting, it adds the perfect amount of modernism to dispel any sense of dustiness. Congratulations to all the students involved in these brilliantly successful performances.

To read the full review, please follow the link: https://theweereview.com/review/antigone-3/

Ms Ashley Fenton