Career Pathways from Psychology

Since starting the new academic year in September, we have had many moments to celebrate; music concerts and drama productions have returned more energetic than ever as well as the return of whole school interactions that have been sorely lacking from school life.

While the return of internal events has been jubilant, it was just as delightful to welcome back a small group of our alumni to GHS for a careers evening. The career evenings are a fantastic resource of information for our current pupils as they weave through all of their important decisions, from subjects to career and university choices. The speeches delivered by our alumni community often bring so much inspiration, comfort and reassurance, and our last event was no different.

On Wednesday 10 November, five former pupils joined Dr Jane Boyd, our Director of Careers, for an informative evening discussing the career pathways from Psychology. Alice Hamilton (Class of 2016), Verity Crossley (Class of 2014), Emily Rose (Class of 2012), Caroline Beldam neé Stott (Class of 2007) and Dr Ruth Charig neé Bratley (Class of 2006) all had taken a different path from Psychology, demonstrating to current pupils the wide berth of opportunities available. Click through the slideshow below to read more about each Alumna in detail.

If anyone would like to become more involved in our career and networking opportunities, please email