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Our Further Information booklet 2021/22 contains information about the admissions process, scholarships and assisted places.  Please ensure that you read this booklet carefully.

As you may be aware Guildford High School offers academic and music scholarships for pupils joining Year 7.  These scholarships are awarded to recognise academic excellence in our entrance examination and musicality.

Academic scholarship
All pupils sitting for entrance on 13 November and 7 January will be automatically considered for scholarship and there is no separate scholarship assessment.   There is no further action required if you would like your daughter to be considered for academic scholarship.

Music scholarship
If you are interested in applying for music scholarship please read our Further Information booklet 2021/22 carefully.  If, having read the further information booklet, you believe your daughter meets the criteria to apply for scholarship please complete this application form.

The deadline for application requests is 1 November 2021 and all completed music scholarship applications must be submitted by 4 November 2021.  Late applications will not be accepted.  Shortlisting will take place during November and shortlisted candidates will be called to audition on 12 January 2022.

Assisted places
A number of United Church Schools Trust assisted places are available.  The value of awards can vary and awards are based on financial need.  Families will be notified whether they have been successful in applying for an award, and the value of the award, at the same time as offers of places are made.  Please read the policy carefully if you are interested in applying for an assisted place: Assisted place policy.

If you would like to apply for an assisted place, please request a copy of our application form here.

The deadline for application requests is 1 November 2021 and all completed assisted place applications must be submitted by 4 November 2021.  Late applications will not be accepted.

CEM Test on 13 November 2021

The exam will comprise an online test (approx. 1 hour) which allows us to take an objective view of each candidate’s strengths and abilities in key areas.  It supports developed activities in reading and maths that rely on genuine understanding rather than learning through repetition.  The test will assess the reasoning abilities of pupils, including verbal, numerical and non-verbal ability. A fun tutor-led session will also take place.

There is no need for your daughter to prepare for this assessment, but we do suggest that she access this familiarisation material in advance: https://plus.cem.org/cemselectfam/

Access arrangements/extra time requests

Pupils who have had an educational assessment, such as an Educational Psychologist report, which makes a recommendation of access arrangements, such as extra time, should notify the Admissions team immediately.  Applicants will have their need accommodated, where practicable.